Lotus III built in Gutersloh, Germany

Summer 2019.  I was invited to Gutersloh to build a sculpture.  After a visit to a scrapyard and metal merchant, Lotus III was created.  The base is made up from wheel rims bolted together.  The flower has 15 petals made from mild steel and covered in glass.  The glass, kindly donated by a local artist, was left over from an old project.  The central flower opens and closes using a piston filled with mineral wax.  When the wax heats up it expands and in turn lifts a plate which the petals are attached to.  When the wax cools the large springs bring the plate back down and closes the flower.  The flower is lit by renewable energy.  The message is use renewable energy, recycle what you can and remember the symbolism of the lotus that "every day is a new day".  The project was organised by Nirgul Kantar the and town of Gutersloh.  The sculpture now belongs to the town and it will be placed in a lake in one of their beautiful parks.