Butterfly : Come fly with me to where the mind runs free.

Sculpture made from recycled treasures and lit by renewable energy

Butterfly has recently been on display at Chichester Cathedral at the Sussex Together Exhibition.  Virtual viewing is available:

This sculpture is made from recycled treasures,  lit by renewable energy and was created during lock down 2020 in England. This is perhaps one of my most complex pieces of work but with lockdown I had the time. I also had to use materials that I had to hand. For years I have been collecting what I call treasures, unwanted treasures. Lock down forced me to make something from what I have. I assembled: 2 WWI signalling lamps, a farming drill bit, an old clock, a Victorian printing press gear wheel, lead left behind by a roofer, vintage police whistles, chandelier jewels, fishing line and a realm of paper, which was transformed into a huge butterfly. The paper was soaked in oil, made into butterflies and then covered in several layers of UV protective spray.   The lights, battery and solar panel were new and delivered. The 500 origami butterflies that make up the wings took the longest to make.

I remember seeing a WW2 veteran Harry Billinge on tv and he was asked how he felt about lockdown. He replied “ I don’t mind, my mind is free, I can be anywhere”. What he said really struck a chord with me and my sculpture also pays homage to his wise words.

Butterflies are associated with a deep and powerful representation of the soul and spiritual transformation. The colour blue symbolizes healing, joy and happiness.

Dimensions: 1.35m H; 2.35m D; 2.1m W