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I treasure the beauty of nature, people, battered old objects and unwanted rubbish, they all conspire in my mind to create a thought of what they could be together….and the results say it all without you having to say a thing.

My art gives me a huge amount of joy and I can get lost in it for hours, days or even months. I call it Light Art, not only because I use light but also to remind me and hopefully others to take a light hearted approach to life. My purpose is to bring humour, fleeting magic, a moment of joy, a smile or outright incredulity.

To assemble my creations I weld, sew, bolt, drill, screw, glue or simply fit together all of the ingredients.

My work has sold all over Britain and the world from New York to Paris, Athens and London. Diving Bird has been invited to be exhibited at the Sir Harold Hillier gardens 2022.  Love Heart Angel and Lotus II were invited to be displayed at Fresh Air Sculpture 2022. Butterfly was invited to be shown at Chichester Cathedral 2021, Remember to Play was selected for the Discerning Eye at the Mall Galleries, Pall Mall and the town Gutersloh in Germany commissioned me to create a sculpture for their park.

I am based in Skipness, Tarbert, Arygll and Bute, Scotland - just arrived in 2022. My work is proudly sustainable, being naturally sourced or reused / upcycled. Engineering and renewable energy are strong themes at ‘Light Art’ and my playful approach to sculptures attracts viewers of all ages.

Creating Outdoor Sculptures lit by renewable energy inspired me to create Worthing Light Festival. A stunning exhibition of art installations lit by renewable energy on the beach for 48 hours non-stop. 2019 was its 3rd year, it attracted over 10,000 visitors and raised over £24,000 from the Arts Council, Rampion Wind Farm and Community Chest to put on the festival – creating over 50 jobs in the process.
Below is a slideshow of work created from 2010-2020.