Lotus and the Pearl of Wisdom at the Botanical Gardens, Sheffield

Invited to exhibit September 2019

The Lotus flower is a symbol to remind us that each day is a new day.  Made from recycled treasures and renewable energy. The base is a Victorian printing press gear wheel, the stamen is an old gas burner. Nuts and bolts found at a car boot sale connect the petals. The crystals are from old chandeliers. The outer petals are made from steel and mirror. The butterfly is covered in gold leaf and gems. 

The light is powered by solar energy. The inner flower opens and closes using a power piston filled with mineral wax, which expands when heated by the sun. When the wax expands it pushes up the inner needle which in turn allows the inner flower to open. The springs close the flower once the wax has cooled. 

Dimensions:   2m diameter, 1.2m high

FOR SALE £8,899