Title:               GREEN CELLOMAN

Date:               DECEMBER 2019 - FEBRUARY 2021

Dimensions:   195cm high / 70cm wide / 50cm deep

Medium:         Sculpture

Description:   Ingredients: Rusty anchor washed up on the beach, reused metal from pier struts (discarded for replacements), broken cello, found green man clay mask, pearls, sea green glass fragments, found wooden hand, solar fibre optic hair - grown in lockdown.  Green Celloman just makes me smile and I hope to bring a smile to anyone who meets him.

A poem written by a friend when he met Green Celloman.


I’m the Green Cello Fellow

I’m laid back and mellow

I whisper not bellow


My life’s song is moonglow

Not highbrow, just solo

Not orange or yellow

So hello, and hello, and hello

To you


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Music by Celloman. Title: Prelude to.... www.celloman.co.uk

Thank you Celloman for sharing the music.