Decide Before The Tide
  • ‘Decide Before the Tide’ is an interactive monument to democracy that will appear and disappear with the tide.
  • A reminder to celebrate the power, ​freedom and equality of the people.
  • Our democratic way of life was started by the Magna Carta in 1215 and cemented by the Petition of Rights in 1628 which ended the Divine Right of Kings.
  • This installation will serve as an excellent medium to educate young people about their right to free speech and to highlight how measured and constructive communication can work.
  • This installation will become renowned for settling disputes, finding solutions and making peace whatever the subject matter; the quirkiness of the concept will hopefully bring a light-hearted theme to any debate.
  • The installation comprises a round table surrounded by a circular bench, leaving room for one single chair. There is a fountain in the centre. The structures are fixed to the seabed and therefore are only visible when the tide is out. A Committee sits on the bench and the Petitioners use the lone chair. The scene is set, a decision is needed, all sides of the debate are represented, the Petitioners petition, the Committee votes. A decision must be taken before the tide comes in.
  • The table will be made from aluminum bronze and greenheart posts, which is an extremely durable wood in a marine environment. The posts will be driven 2m into the seabed. The metal rich in copper will repel barnacles. However the wooden legs will become a haven for them. Over time it will turn black.  The chair is styled to resemble a pearl.
  • In the centre of the table is a sea urchin like mound. This mound has openings at its base, which are in fact tapering pipes to the top. When waves hit the mound, water is forced up the pipes and creates a fountain.
  • The main structure will be cast.