About Jessica Gill

Director, Designer & Manufacturer of Light Art ...

About Jessica Gill



Picture of Jessica Gill and her lights.

Little known artist Jessica Gill blends the perfect marriage of sustainability and creativity in her unique art installations.  She combs the local beaches, forages in the forests and explores bric-a-brac sales both for materials and inspiration.  Her work is proudly sustainable, being naturally sourced or upcycled. All the electrics are new and comply with current legislation.  Humour and irreverence are strong themes at ‘Light Art’ and her playful approach to sculptural lighting attracts viewers of all ages. 

Her Worthing studio on England's south coast is no pun intended, a stone's throw from Oscar Wilde's infamous coastal abode, adding a timeless yet controversially whimsical edge to her original creations.

'All of my work is made to a high specification, to British safety standards and code whilst keeping a sense of humour and irreverence, close to my signature style.  There is a seriousness to my work in its sustainability and environmentally conscious choice - everything is naturally sourced and recycled - however, my design is also a reminder to take a light-hearted look at our world.  Art for me is about fun.  If you can literally light up someone's world then more the better'

She regularly works with teams of structural engineers, fabricators and a host of other specialist professionals to create her striking works.  She is the originator of the Worthing Light Festival 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbqKoMbAxYk and whilst taking a keen interest in Worthing's historic preservation, also takes a continued interest through her work in shining a light onto politically serious matters.  Her acclaimed and most recent installation, Lost at Sea, on the migrant crisis, being a creatively impactful expression of the subject.    


You can visit her studio, 43 by Splash Point east of Worthing pier (BN11 2FG).  When she is not creating her own signature art, Jessica also makes and markets the stylish Nightingale Watch